Thursday, September 25, 2008

something to be proud of

I just got home a little bit ago from hanging the exhibit at the American Sewing Expo. (A big thanks to Jackie and Mary for helping so much to get the exhibit up.) I have to say that I am so incredibly proud of how it looks hanging. Every artist involved deserves a big pat on the back!

The exhibit looks stunning, its very powerful and as vendors were walking by as they were setting up their booths, many paused to watch as it was going up. Its a strong statement about how much good there really is in this world.

I can't express how grateful I am to everyone involved for their time and care in helping to make this exhibit a HUGE success!!!

Congratulations everyone - we did it!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Final Participation Prize Drawing!

This is the final drawing for Participation prizes. These cool prizes are generously provided by Artgirlz. Each winner will receive two items (the picture above is an example, not necessarily what you will receive) ranging from accordion books to pins to blank books.

The lucky winners are:

Jeanne McBrayer
Mary Dyer
Diane Lochala
Paula Page
June Mears Driedger
Leann Meixner
Catherine Lamkin

Congratulations ladies! :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Participation Prize drawing #4!

This drawing if for two items with the With One Voice logo on it from the Fiberart for a Cause Cafepress shop.

The first item up for grabs is a mug:

Carol Larson is the lucky winner!

The second item is a tote bag and the lucky winner is Rain Gaddis!

Hope you enjoy the prizes!

Participation Prize drawing #3!

This drawing is for gorgeous hand dyed fabric from Gailforces Fabric! Each winner will receive two pack that contain a total of four fat quarters. (The colors above are representative but the colors each person receives will vary.)

The lucky winners of the fabric are:

Linda Frear, Valerie Stiles, Angie Platten and Chris Savage.

Congratulations ladies!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Participation Prize drawing #2!

For today's drawing, there are two $20 gift certificates generously provided by Embellishment Village!

The lucky winners are Edna Patterson-Petty and Lynda Thompson.

Happy shopping ladies! :)

Check back, there will be another drawing tomorrow.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Participation Prize drawing #1!

Today marks the beginning of the Participation Prize drawings. Up first are two fiber postcards that have been generously donated by Liz Berg.

I shook up the (very) large box full of everyone's name, closed my eyes and picked two. Keep reading to see if you are one of them!

The lucky winner of this fiber postcard is Janice Novachcoff! Congrats Janice!

And the winner of this beautiful fiber postcard is Crane Johnson! Congrats Crane!

Watch the blog for more drawings, you could be a winner next!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Sneak Peek winners!

All the artists who had their work featured on the blog as a Sneak Peek were eligible to be entered in a drawing for two beautiful prizes. Everyone's name went into a hat and two were drawn at random.

The prizes for this special drawing were provided by Beth Wheeler. Many thanks to Beth for her generosity and support of this exhibit!

The first piece is based on a photo Beth took and stitched onto a piece of her own rust dyed fabric.

The lucky winner of this piece of artwork is Carol Ann Waugh! Congrats Carol!

The second piece of artwork Beth donated is based on a greeting card from the 1900s. It has a very vintage feel and is just wonderful!

The lucky winner of this piece of artwork is Linda Boone Laird! Congrats Linda!

Stay tuned for more drawings soon!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Announcing the 2008 Exhibit Favorite!

It was a very difficult decision to make as there is so much excellent work in this exhibit but I am very excited to announce the 2008 Exhibit Favorite!

Terry, Della, Diana
Roxane Stoner
Eagle River, Alaska

Artist statement: In my little community of Eagle River, Alaska, three women have shown up every time someone was needed. They are the first to volunteer when others are running away. They find ways to make things happen. They have made hundreds of quilts for homeless children, hats for cancer patients, shawls, and blankets... No matter how busy and challenging their personal lives are they are looking after the well being of family, friends and others. They are an inspiration to me and every one that knows them. They are part of thousands of unsung heroes around the world symbolized by "One Voice" that travels through the human spirit toward hope and a brighter future.


Roxane has won a yard of hand dyed fabric from Carol Larson, Beth Wheeler's book "Altered Photo Artistry, a $20 gift certificate to Embellishment Village and the opportunity to participate in the Fiberart for a Cause 2009 Invitational Reverse Auction.

Roxane's quilt will also appear on the cover of the print catalog as well as being featured as the first quilt in the online catalog.

Stay tuned, more prizes will be announced soon!

Monday, September 8, 2008

A different kind of preview

These are the panels that will soon have all the artwork pinned to them for the exhibit. I just finished stitching the last label on today.

In all there are 18 that will each hold six quilts. What a turn out!

Stay tuned as the drawings for prizes will begin shortly!