Sunday, October 12, 2008

With One Voice catalog available for purchase

I am extremely pleased to announce that the print catalog for With One Voice is now available for purchase.

There is a widget in the sidebar that will link you directly to the book or you can click on this link. It is printed through, a print on demand service with excellent quality.

The catalog contains individual photos and artist statements of all 101 art quilts sent in for the exhibit. It also includes the installation shot of the exhibit from the American Sewing Expo.

So why should you purchase the print catalog when there is also an online version? Because the online catalog will only be up for a year. Before the 2009 online catalog is posted, the online 2008 catalog will be archived. This means that the images will be restricted to a thumbnail gallery and the artist statements will no longer be available. The print catalog is your chance to have a permanent record of the exhibit!


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Cathy W said...

Thanks for posting this -- I've not heard of Blurb before. Now to decide if I want just one copy or maybe a few more ....