Sunday, March 29, 2009

New Beginnings Sunday

A tale of dog rescue from Barb Pozek:

Babe was a puppy when we got her. Her mother had been killed so we cared for her when she was a bit too young. She was supposed to be a rat terrier, but she grew to be a mid-sized terrier mix. She quickly became a very important part of the family and the neighborhood.

She was a happy and energetic dog who was friendly to everyone. We often called her the neighborhood welcome wagon because she had to greet not only everyone who visited us, but everyone who visited the neighbors as well. People often knew her before they knew us. We would be introduced to people as "babe's family".

She loved to run and her one bad habit was chasing cars, liking teen drivers more than sedate ones. She would also chase deer, entertaining the neighbors numerous times. She did not, however, like swimming. She would wait, on shore, for us to get out of the Lake.

My youngest daughter visited the retired neighbors often and I always knew where she was by whose door Babe was sitting outside. If my daughter left without her, she would fuss until she was let out and track her. She slept with my daughter every night until she was asleep, then would sleep with my husband.

I can't repeat too many times that she was energetic. I don't think she slowed down to "normal" speed until she was 7.

She passed away this year at age 11 after a short illness, despite the concerns of everyone who met her that she'd be hit by a car.

We are waiting to consider getting another dog. It will be hard to top how loyal and smart she was but her energy level was exhausting at times. If you are considering getting a terrier or terrier mix, keep in mind how busy they are.

New Beginnings Sunday is a weekly series featuring the story of a rescued pet and the ways in which the life of the animal and person has changed. This series will run through the end of 2009 in conjunction with Breaking Traditions Art Quilt Exhibit’s fundraising efforts for Bernie Berlin’s animal shelter, “A Place to Bark.”

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