Tuesday, September 22, 2009

2009 Exhibit Favorite

2009 Exhibit Favorite

Rooted IX
Kristin LaFlamme
Waipahu, Hawaii

I am very pleased to announce the 2009 Breaking Traditions Art Quilt Exhibit. This year's artwork comes from Kristin LaFlamme in Waipahu, Hawaii. Congratulations Kristin! As the exhibit favorite, Kristin will receive the following Prize Package:

A copy of Jane Davila & Elin Waterston's new book, Art Quilts at Play

A package of TAP (Transfer Artist Paper) from Lesley Riley

Stewart Gill paints from Artist Cellar

The Exhibit Favorite will be featured on the print catalog for the exhibit

And I'm also very pleased to announce the Totals for this year:

73 artists
84 art quilts
$795 raised in donations

The money will go toward ensuring a loving, safe, secure future for abandoned and abused animals taken into Bernie Berlin's shelter, A Place to Bark.

Many, many thanks to everyone who participated! Winners of the Participation Prizes will be announced here in the upcoming weeks so check back often. Catalogs (both online and print) are in the works and will be announced soon.

Details are currently being worked out for the 2010 exhibit and will be announced by the end of 2009. We hope you will join us again next year!!!


Cathy W said...

How wonderful for Kristin and what a lovely quilt too!

In fact Congrats to Kristin and Everyone for participating this year and supporting "A Place to Bark".

Way to go Lynn! another successful year of Breaking Traditions! Woo-Hoo!!!

Terri Stegmiller said...

Congrats to Kristin!

Jeanelle McCall said...

What a fun quilt to view! If I were a puppy I would want to live there.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

That is a great quilt! Thanks for all your hard work, Lynn, to make this fundraiser possible.

Rose Legge said...

Kristin's piece was soft and complex with good contrasts.
Rose Legge

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work, Kristin. I love the variety of materials and layers.

Thanks, Lynn, for all your hard work on this year's exhibit. Best wishes for a smoother 2010!

Linda Laird
quiLt LadY aT sAn dOt rRdotcOm

Lesley Riley said...

That is a gorgeous quilt! Congrats on the successful fundraiser. Hopefully next year I can do more than just donate a prize.